My interests and experiences include:
software engineering, research, writing, and policy.

For more information, see my LinkedIn or contact me at


Research Intern

HHMI Janelia, Pachitariu Lab
Aug 2020 - present

• Analyzing large neural datasets to understand information processing in mouse vision

History of Technology Intern

Patrick J. McGovern Foundation
Aug 2020 - present

• Spearheading series on the history of AI and computing [series]

AI Youth Council Member

World Economic Forum
Oct 2020 - present

• Developing guidelines for the governance of AI targeted at children



MIT Admissions Office
Aug 2018 - present (on hiatus)

• Author multimedia blog posts with compelling, original conent to give thousands of prospective students insight to my experience at MIT [blog]

• Engineer data visualizations to quantify and graphically illustrate aspects of MIT student life, academics, and traditions

• Posts have over 50,000 unique views and have been featured on the homepage and MIT Daily

Software Engineering Intern
Software Engineering

Flatiron Institute
Jun 2020 - Aug 2020

• Implemented bookmarking and sorting features to data annotation GUIs using PyQt5 and a distributed dataservice to optimize segmentation proofreading of neural imaging data

Software Engineering Intern
Software Engineering

Jan 2020 - Feb 2020

• Developed an open-source, end-to-end pipeline for differentially private ML/AI model creation [GitHub] [website]

• Implemented three differentially private models: linear regression (using the covariance method) compatible with scikit-learn, logistic regression (integrated using an IBM model), and stochastic gradient descent

Data Science Intern

MIT Media Lab, Fluid Interfaces Group
Jan 2019 - Dec 2019

• Used NLP to analyze the effect of stimulus-directed hypnagogic dreams on post-sleep creativity to prove efficacy of Dormio, a dream-interfacing tool developed by Adam Horowitz [article]

• Created a novel approach to computational creativity by applying GloVe vector representations and measuring the volume of convex hull across response words

Simons Summer Research Fellow

Stony Brook University, CATNIP Lab
Jun 2017 - Aug 2018

• Awarded a Simons Summer Research Fellowship to spearhead a computational neuroscience research project under the mentorship of Dr. Il Memming Park

• Used ML to study information processing in the mouse visual cortex; examined population decoding of spatiotemporal features from the Allen Brain Observstory calcium imaging dataset

• Published a first-author paper in eNeuro and presented a poster at the 2018 Computational and Systems Neuroscience Conference

• Research featured in "Data Stories" video, a mini-documentary series made by the Allen Insitute